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Students in Germany have a variety of housing alternatives, and where they live frequently relies on their personal preferences, financial situation, and the housing stock in the town or city where their institution is located. The cost of living in Germany for Indian students can vary depending on several factors, including the type of accommodation. In Germany, common choices for student housing include the following:

Student Dormitories:

Student dorms are usually the least expensive living options. Usually, private companies or student services groups run them. Although the size and amenities of dorm rooms can vary, most students share them. It’s a fantastic method to create friends and meet new people. Remember that these are frequently in great demand, therefore applying as soon as possible is advised.

Shared Apartments:

Living in shared apartments, where rent and utilities are split, is a popular choice for students in Germany. This offers the possibility for social connection and may be less expensive than living alone.

Private Apartments:

Renting a private apartment is a choice made by certain students. Although it can cost more, this gives you more freedom and privacy. Depending on the location and the area, a private apartment’s cost of living might vary significantly.

Hostels and Guesthouses:

Some international students spend their first few days in Germany staying in hostels or guesthouses while they look for longer-term lodgings.


 Staying with a local family can provide you the opportunity to learn more about the culture and advance your language abilities. This is the reason why some students select homestays.

Temporary Housing:

Until they locate long-term housing, overseas students may be able to live temporarily at some universities or through student services.

Renting a Room or Apartment Online:

You may find available rooms and apartments for rent on a number of websites, including WG-Gesucht, ImmobilienScout24, and Airbnb.


Depending on the German city or region, these possibilities can differ greatly in terms of availability and cost. Planning and securing your housing in advance is crucial, particularly if you’re an international student. Furthermore, remember that your university or college can offer particular accommodations services, and resources to help you choose appropriate lodging.

Finding a place to live in Germany doesn’t have to be difficult. Finding an apartment in Germany is made easier by a number of possibilities, especially for students. It’s important to know exactly what you want from an apartment and what matters to you while searching for a place to live.

Especially as a student in a new location, you will benefit from host families, shared apartments, student halls of residence, and other shared housing options because they offer you the opportunity to meet new people in addition to a place to sleep.

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