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living expenses in germany for international students

Germany Living Cost for International Students-Germanshala

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  • Student living cost in Germany
  • Student education cost in Germany
  • Transport cost
  • Information about health insurance
  • Tips to reduce  your monthly cost

Cost of living in Germany for international student

Are you thinking of settling down In Germany or pursuing any degree from any educational institute? Do you know which German city is more expensive and which one is not too expensive? In this article, I am going to give you an idea of the cost of living in Germany.

  • When we think of Germany, it is the second most populated country in Europe after the Russian Federation and the fourth largest economy in the world in nominal GDP. Germany is an education hub and the choice of most of students, so we can think that the cost of living will be higher than other European countries, but it is not true.
  • According to the Cost of Living index by countries published by NUMBEO, Germany ranked 34th out of 139 countries, and if talk about Europe only Germany is ranked 18th out of 42 European countries. It means the cost of living in Germany is not too high as per its standard and even you need to spend less in Germany in comparison to the UK, France, Switzerland, and Italy
  • These indices are relative to New York City (NYC). This means that for New York City, each index should be 100(%). If another city has, for example, a rent index of 120, it means that on average in that city rents are 20% more expensive than in New York City. If a city has a rent index of 70, that means on average rent in that city is 30% less expensive than in New York City.

Student living cost in Germany

Although the cost of living in Germany is moderate it varies from city to city. If you are living in cities like Munich, Hamburg or Bonn are more expensive in comparison to cities like Dresden, Nuremberg or Aachen. If you enrolled in any institute in city like Munich you would have to spend more on rent, goods, transport, and in other basic needs. I have provided a cost of living graph of cities in Germany

Students Education Cost In Germany

  • In 2014, 14 states in Germany abolished the tuition fee for undergraduate students. It means you can study for free at public universities and institutes in Germany, with a small amount of semester fee. As there are always some exceptions, in 2017 the south-west state of Baden-Wurttemberg reintroduced tuition fees for non-EU students. In Baden-Wurttemberg, you have to pay a tuition fee of 3000 Euro per year, while those pursuing a second degree pay a reduced fee of 1300 Euro

Higher education in Germany is mostly funded by the German states. There are more than 400 public and private institutes, run more than 1900 courses and take English as a first language. Of these 400 institutes, some are private and may charge tuition fee.

But in this way, these low fees will certainly help you to study in Germany in comparison of other countries like The United States of America and The UK. Germany’s free education program makes it a sought-after destination for both EU and non-EU students

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