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how hard is it to learn german for english speakers

Is it hard to learn German as an English Speaker?-Germanshala

Achieving the level of German may not be easy but it is definitely possible for anyone willing to. Now one point worth considering when choosing German as a second language or maybe as your third is that it might actually not be as hard to learn German as an English speaker as one might think.

The language German is not as hard to learn as most people think. And since English and German stem from the same language family, we might be surprised at the things we pick up without even trying!

People often ask us: 

What is the easiest European language to learn if you speak English?

Well, that’s a very good question…

Language learning offers the chance to brighten our world. Along with experiencing the beauty of other cultures and making it easier to communicate with people from around the globe, we’ll also be improving our professional skill set. As the economy continues to move from a local to a global level, being multilingual will become even more of an asset.

How much time do you have to learn German?

Learning any new skill requires two major things: mileage and repetition. Both require time and commitment over the long haul. Take two people who have the same capability, and who are using the same method of learning. A person who spends 10 hours a week for a year will likely be further ahead than a person who spends 1 hour a week for three months. It’s pure maths.

Mileage is just as important because binge learning rarely works over the long haul. It takes time for our brain to make neural connections around the language we’re learning.

What method are you using?

Techniques and methods are often more important than time put in. A high-level way to think about it is, working smart versus working hard. You need both to succeed. But simply working hard for the sake of working hard isn’t going to get you anywhere without the right method.

Applying this to language learning, the most effective way to improve your communication skills is by speaking with native speakers. It’s not reading textbooks, playing with mobile apps, or watching movies.

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