Our Consulting Company Featured at GISMA University of Applied Science

MindBiz Featuring at GISMA University of Applied Science

We feel very proud in making it known that Mindbiz our firm of consultants has been published in the renowned GISMA University of Applied Sciences. This publication reflects an endless procession and dedication to the successful accomplishment of students. The focus of this blog post will elaborate means to us, our mission, and how it will help students accomplish their academic and professional goals.


Our Mission


Within our company, we have always specialized from the start in the development of the strategies that will allow a student to make actualization of the intended academic and professional ambitions. Our all-round approach to consultations ensures that we help each student make the right choice of study program, starting from the application stage through to the point of admission. We consider a holistic approach to education consulting in that we try to understand the unique aspirations, strengths, and challenges that any one student faces in shaping their future. This helps provide them with tailor-made services and the right direction to tap the best educational and professional possible means.


Our target is to empower students to make proper decisions in their programs by providing enough knowledge about the subject and by endowing them with resources. We do appreciate the fact that pursuit of a master’s degree is one of the chief investments in one’s future, and we are fully geared towards making this journey as smooth and successful as is possible for all our students. Our experienced team of advisors works spontaneously in assurance of at least a chance that each of the students we work with can get closer to the realization of respective, different objectives, both academic and career-based.


The choice of GISMA University of Applied Sciences


GISMA University of Applied Science is one of the education institutions that is accredited with top- academic standing, international foundation, and strong links with the business world. Listing in GISMA means more to a party, much of it being a statement on quality and even trustworthiness for any of the consulting services. GISMA soon gained popularity for offering an environment that integrated disciplined academic preparation with hands-on business practice. As such, this mission rhymes well with our vision of connecting students to the best educational opportunities.


The school offers a wide variety of different programs that are sure to appeal to different academic and professional interests. With a strong focus on practical skills and education in international business, this education is one of great value in  the global labor market—quite beyond the consulting projects that we advise on at GISMA. With that, GISMA will feature as one of our prides in consulting excellently and committedly on which institution best offers the perfect education experience for students.


Master’s Students Personalized Support


Our experienced counseling staff ensures that each student is personally advised based on their specific aspirations and difficulties. We make timely, individualized suggestions regarding course selection, college application process, and scholarship opportunities, to make sure our students are well prepared and confident in pursuit of the next degree level of choice.


Course Selection


Picking the right program is really critical in successfully completing a course. We assist students to identify the right programs for them in conjunction with their career goals and interests, which go along with their academic strengths. Our counselors are informed, hence capable of advising competently with a correct match of programs and their profiles accordingly for GISMA and all the top universities. We consider course content, faculty expertise, and available career opportunities that enable a student to select an informed way of how to go about their education properly.


Application Processes


Applying for a master’s degree can be an ambitious process, with numerous requirements and strict deadlines prescribed. We issue complete, full-fledged consulting on the development of registration papers: résumés, personal statements, and letters of recommendation. We also provide interview coaching and tips in order to make that great first impression in front of an admissions committee. This all makes efforts to bring forward student abilities and strengths in a worded and compelling manner.


Scholarship Opportunities


It is also quite a challenge for many masters students to finance their education. We get you the scholarships and take you through the application process. Research done shows that the advisors are well versed with the financial aid landscape; then, they are greatly beneficial in helping students to increase their probability of funding. We will take the students through searching for scholarships, producing their application documents, and ensuring deadlines are met so that all students have the best opportunity to be funded in their studies.


Why Choose Mindbiz?


What makes our consulting company exceptional? Well, read this:


Expertise and Experience


A team of skilled advisors with hands-on experience in understanding the educational landscape and application processes of master’s programs goes a long way in what we have been able to achieve. Our team has years of combined experience in guiding students through their academic journeys to secure significant placements in top universities and scholarships.


Personalized Approach 


We believe that every student is different and try to take this into consideration while offering services to suit individual requirements and aspirations. As a result of such customization, students receive the right advice, with proper support in making the right decisions regarding future education.


Full Guidance


From course selection, application, scholarship advisory to interview coaching, we stand by our students through every step of the way. Our ultimate goal is a flawless and successful master’s journey for our students.


Proven Track Record


Our success stories speak for themselves. Do not spend your time in vain, just follow the ladder towards other successful students who have achieved the greatest in their academic and professional careers through the guidance and technical support of our consulting services.


We look forward to helping you take the next step in your educational journey and achieve your academic and career goals. 


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