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course of hindi in jaipur

Hindi Language a language in which you will be able to live through different cultures of India and would be able to express your thoughts differently. This course is for all the people who have a little bit of experience or no prior experience in this Language by this course you will not just learn an additional language but you will also understand the culture of India and indian people through their mother tongue and would able to convey your thoughts to them. You would be exploring the india food and their recipes.

What this course contains

The time period of this course is 1 month and in this one month course of Hindi in jaipur you would be going through every expands of Hindi Language and Indian culture. We treat our every student as a child who has a desire to learn something new and we take it as a challenge to provide them the knowledge possible because we as a mentor just don’t want that our students to be blank after completion of our courses. So in this 1 month you will get everything you need for your development not just particularly in this Language but it should add a value in their life.

Indian culture

Indian culture is widely followed throughout the world and it has been praised by everyone for its versatility in each direction you would be amazed just by exploring a small chunk of of this culture. we would be going through a roller-coaster ride in this course where learning and gaining knowledge is our only goal. Through this hindi course in jaipur you would get everything you need for your this language journey.

hindi courses in jaipur 
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A quick question:- Do you know why is Diwali Celebrated in such a bizarre manner? If you do know the ans please comment down your answers.

Indian Festivals

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India has one of the largest festivals ranging from “Makar Sankranti” to “Diwali”. The list goes on and on throughout the Year and every festival has its specialty and each has its importance in Indian culture. All festivals are celebrated differently from each other and it is the specialty of the Hindi Language and Indian culture that every festival is as important as other. Every festival has something to teach us and that’s why we will be telling you every teaching of these festivals and their importance in our Indian culture and Hindi Language

Hindi Language Importance

The Hindi Language has been wildly used by people all around the globe because they know the importance of that language and the depth of the language and the things it has given to the world you mighty know the famous mathematician-astronomers “Aryabhatta ji” who invented the number “0”. He was a big follower of the Hindi Language and its analyzer which helped him in his inventions. Many more famous people have said that India and its culture are most amazing all around the globe so if you can speak, read, write, and understand the Hindi Language you will have an upper hand over others in your life

Value Addition By Germanshala

We at Germanshala are always looking forward to adding some value to our students’ lives so during this course we will be providing you with not just knowledge but the hand-blended flavors of Indian culture and we will be visiting all the ancient places in our reach and guide you to travel more places we would be grabbing best hand made food from all around the country but be careful it might be the most delicious food you would ever grab and it might be a little spicy to but don’t worry about spice because you can grab a cold and sweet “Lassi” to freshen you up.

hindi Language course in jaipur 
language courses in jaipur

Another quick question:- Do you know all the spices used in indian food 🍲? This one is a tricky one but still if you know the answer please comment down. We will be waiting for your answers.


So the rest of the things we would be discussing in the classroom where you will be learning the Hindi Language and Indian Culture from very basic and to every advanced level so you would understand the depth of our mother tongue and the true meaning of being an Indian and celebrating festivals among them. So if you are interested in this Hindi course in Jaipur contact us and enroll now.

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