Top Universities to Study Abroad:- Part 1

1. Elmira College

Located in Elmira, New York, Elmira College is a private university. It is the oldest institution still in existence, founded as a women’s college in 1855 and awarding women degrees equal to those awarded to men. In 1969, Elmira College rendered all of its programs coeducational. By 2023, there will be about 657 students enrolled at the college.

Elmira College invites you to explore and specialize while providing a comprehensive, cross-disciplinary education with over 35 majors and minor areas of specialization.


  1. BS in Actuarial & Financial Science
  2. BS in Accounting
  3. BA in English Literature
  4. BS(major) & BA(minor) in Arts
  5. BS in Biochemistry
  6. BS(major) & BA(minor) in Biology
  7. BS (major) in Clinical Laboratory Sciences
  8. BS(major) & BA(minor) in Criminal Sciences
  9. BS(major) in education
  10. BS(major) in Communication Sciences & Disorders
  11. BS(major) & BA(minor) in Communications, Media studies & design
  12. BS(major) & BA(minor) in Environmental Science
  13. BS(major)in Finance
  14. BS(major) in General Studies
  15. BS(major) & BA(minor) in History
  16. BS(major) in Human Services
  17. BS(major) in Individualized Studies
  18. BS(major) & BA(minor) in Mathematics
  19. BS(major) in Nursing
  20. BS(major) & BA(minor) in Political Science

Fees and Tuition: $37,932 per year* (which includes a comprehensive charge of $1,780 or $890 per term for fall and winter).

  1. MSED Program
  2. FEES – $600 Per Year
  3. MS in General Management
  4. FEES – $700 Per Year

2. London School of Business and Finance

The private business school in the United Kingdom known as the London School of Business and Finance (LSBF) is owned by Global University Systems, a corporate entity that specializes in for-profit education. Aaron Etingen, an entrepreneur, started it in 2003. It grew to become one of the biggest private institutions in England by 2015.[1]

With locations in Tower Hill and Holborn, the school’s primary hub is in London. It operates a branch in Singapore as well. LSBF provides executive and corporate short courses, training for the ACCA and AAT exams, and Master’s degree programs in management, finance, and marketing. It lacks the authority to grant degrees on its own. A different organization gives every degree out.

The industry-focused programs offered by the London School of Business & Finance are intended to mirror current trends in the worldwide economy. The most gifted and driven applicants from throughout the globe are drawn to LSBF, which collaborates with its corporate partners to create programs designed with an international and modern viewpoint in mind.

Bachelor’s Programmes Offered by LSBF

BSc (Hons) Financial Management

Duration = 3 yr

Fees = £6000/yr

BSc ( Hons ) Business Administration

Duration = 3 yr

Fees = £6000/yr

Master’s Programmes Offered by LSBF

Master in Finance and Investment

Fees – € 8000

Global MBA

Fees – € 9000

Master in Strategic Marketing

Fees – € 7000

Master of Public Health

Fees – € 7000

Niagara College – Toronto

The most popular programs at Niagara College are now available in the City of Toronto, Ontario, thanks to a partnership between Niagara College and the Toronto School of Management. Like the Niagara Region, Toronto is a major hub for commerce and tourism in Canada. It is also one of the largest and most diverse cities in a nation renowned for its variety. Students can now take advantage of fantastic job opportunities in two of Canada’s most beautiful locations.

Bachelor’s Programmes Offered by Niagara College – Toronto

Business Diploma

Duration = 2yr

Fees = $17,380.70

Business – Accounting Diploma

Duration = 2yr

Fees = $17,380.70

Business – Sales and Marketing diploma

Duration = 2yr

Fees = Business = $17,380.70

Computer Programming

Duration = 2 yr

Fees = $17,380.70

Business (TSoM Pathway)

Duration = 2 yr

Fees = $17,380.70

Master’s Programmes Offered by Niagara College – Toronto

Hospitality and Tourism Management

Fees – $ 18765.70 Per Year

Human Resources Management

Fees – $18680.70 Per Year

International Business Management

Fees – $ 18680.70 Per Year

Toronto School of Management

The Toronto School of Management (TSoM), which has won numerous awards, offers a range of degrees that are relevant to the business to ensure that students are ready for the rapidly changing needs of the job market today. Our program offering includes courses in big data, digital marketing, cybersecurity, hospitality & tourism, and accounting in addition to business and accounting. Situated in the center of downtown Toronto, students may easily find a plethora of job options and other local landmarks nearby. We accept students from all over the world, with our student body being diverse and representing over 87 nations.”


Diploma in Business Management Co-op

Fees: $15,750 approx.

Duration:109 weeks including Scheduled breaks

Diploma in Digital Marketing Specialist co-op

Fees: $12,750 approx.

Duration: 51 weeks including Scheduled breaks

Diploma in Business Administration Co-op

Fees: $10,500 approx.

Duration: 66 weeks including Scheduled breaks

Diploma in Hospitality & Tourism Management Co-op

Fees:$10,500 approx.

Duration: 66 weeks including Scheduled breaks

Diploma in Data Analytics Co-op

Fees: $13,750 approx.

Duration: 52 weeks including Scheduled breaks

Advanced diploma in Hospitality and Tourism

Fees:$11,750 approx.

Duration:78 weeks including Scheduled breaks

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