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Vocabulary For IELTS 2024 part 3

The International English Language Testing System is a commonly used assessment tool for English language competency among students who plan to study or work overseas. Four criteria are used in the test to evaluate a candidate’s English communication skills: reading, writing, speaking, and listening.

Coronavirus Vocabulary For IELTS

Disease:- meaning- Ilness or sickness Usage- A healthy body is free of diseases

Contagious:- meaning- A disease that can spread between two people upon contact Usage- Covid-19 is a highly contagious disease

Pandemic:- meaning- The spread of a disease throughout a country or the whole world Usage-The Covid-19 virus outbreak has been classified as a pandemic by the World Health Organization

Incubation period:- meaning-The time duration between a person’s first exposure to the disease and when the symptoms develop Usage- The disease’s incubation period helps doctors determine the quarantine period

Pathogen:- meaning-The bacteria or virus responsible for causing the disease Usage- The pathogen related to Covid-19 mutates rapidly

Diagnose:- meaning-The testing and examination of a patient’s symptoms to point out the disease that ails them Usage-The early diagnosis of Covid-19 can be problematic as many patients exhibit symptoms much later

Underlying health issues:- meaning- The presence of a pre-existing disease or illness in a patient’s body Usage- People with underlying health issues face complications during the treatment for Covid-19

A new strain:- meaning- A genetic variant Usage- Covid-19 is a type of strain of the coronavirus

Running a temperature:- meaning- To have a fever Usage- She was running a temperature during the night

Acute respiratory problems:- meaning- Severe breathing problems Usage- Covid-19 is known to cause acute respiratory problems in patients

Asymptomatic:- meaning-Exhibiting no symptoms Usage- Many people diagnosed with Covid-19 were asymptomatic

Fatigue:- meaning- Extreme tiredness Usage- She has been fatigued ever since she got sick with Covid-19

Shallow breath:- meaning-Shortness of breath or unable to breath Usage- Shallow breath is one of the first symptoms of Covid-19

Contaminated:- meaning- Infected with germs Usage- A Covid-19 patient should be in isolation to prevent contamination

 Education Vocabulary For IELTS

Academic Year:- Meaning:- It’s the period of time when students attend college or school, which usually begins in September and concludes in the summer. Example:- She joined her new university at the beginning of the new academic year.

Admission Test:- Meaning:- It’s an exam used to assist determine who can be admitted to a college or university. The entrance exam is another name for the admission exam required for a university degree. Example:- He got the third-highest score on the admission test.

Assignment:- Meaning:- It is a specific amount of work assigned by authoritative figures to the students Example:- Students were assigned three assignments weekly in their last semester. 

Bachelor’s Degree:- Meaning:- It is a degree awarded by a university or college to students after three-four years of undergraduate study Example:- She went on for her masters after completing her bachelor’s degree.

Coeducational School:- Meaning:- Also known as a mixed school, it is a school or institute where girls and boys study together. Example:- They studied in a coeducational school in Mumbai.

Credit:- Meaning:- It is the recognition of having undertaken a course at a university or school. Example:- That particular class is worth four credits at Stanford university. 

Curriculum:- Meaning:- It stands for the subjects comprising a course of study in a university or school. Example:- Their curriculum contains technical and practical classes. 

Curriculum Vitae:- Meaning:- It is a document summarising an individual’s experience, academic background, and skills.  Example:-All applicants were requested to submit their curriculum vitae by the organisation. 

Diploma:- Meaning:- It is a certificate awarded by a university or college to show that an individual has successfully completed a course of study Example:- She has recently finished her PG diploma in Advertising.

Discipline:- Meaning:- A field of study. Example:- He was previously a student in the Geography discipline at Delhi University. 

Dissertation:- Meaning:- It is a long piece of writing on a particular subject to earn an advanced degree. Example:- The topic of her dissertation was ‘Major Rights For the LGBTQ Community.

Doctorate:- Meaning:-It is the highest degree awarded by an approved educational organisation to an individual. Example:- They applied for a doctorate degree at Christ University together. 

Elementary Education:- Meaning:-The early stages of studying. It is also known as primary Education.  Example:- They completed their elementary education in Kolkata in 1993 through distance learning.

Evaluation:- Meaning:-It is the preparation of a judgement about the number, value, or amount related to something. Example:- Many faculty members resent the evaluation methods followed by their university.

Formal Education:-Meaning:-It is the structured education system running from primary school to university. It usually leads to certification and recognition.  Example:-Formal education is exceedingly vital for every individual. 

Higher Education:- Meaning:- It is the third level of education that happens at the university or college level.  Example:- She passed on the opportunity to finish her higher education and started a small business instead. 

High School than college:- Meaning:-It is an academic institution providing Education more advanced than middle school but less advanced than college. Example:- He went on to do his Bachelor of Arts in Psychology degree after completing high school in the UK.

Lecture:- Meaning:-An education talk to an audience that is generally given to university or school students. Example:- Students get lectures from guest lecturers every weekend. 

Literacy:- Meaning:-It is the capability to write and read. Example:-All the children are tested in basic literacy before admission. 

Master’s Degree:- Meaning:- An academic qualification granted at the postgraduate level to students. Example:- He completed his master’s degree from a local university in 2019. 

Portfolio:- Meaning:- It is a compilation of materials that showcases one’s previous work, education, and more. Example:- The organisation requested the applicants to send their portfolios

Presentation:- Meaning:-A talk or speech in which an idea or concept is explained to an audience. Example:- The topic of his mid-semester presentation was Capitalism. 

Research:- Meaning:-It is the careful study conducted to find new knowledge about something. Example:- This research on Influencer Marketing will change consumer behaviour. 

Scholarship:- Meaning:-It is the payment made to support a student’s education financially by an institute or organisation. Example:- She received a scholarship worth $1500 from her private school. 

Secondary Education:- Meaning:-It is the stage of Education following primary Education.  Example:-Most children in rural areas go to public secondary education schools. 

Tourism Vocabulary for IELTS

Voyage:- Meaning:-It is a long journey to very distant places, especially through the sea.  Example:-A ship can face a lot of turbulence during its voyage

Sight-seeing:- Meaning:-It is the act of visiting different places that one is interested in. Example:-People only post their best sightseeing pictures on Twitter

Suitcase:- Meaning:- It is a case that has a handle and a hinged lid used for carrying clothes, belongings and important documents  Example:-People prefer to use suitcases during a business trip for the ease of carrying important documents with them at all times.

Accommodation:- Meaning:-It is a room or building where a person can stay for a short time or live for a long time.  Example:- It is very hard to look for good accommodation during the holiday season

Hostel:- Meaning:- It is a place that provides accommodation and inexpensive food to a particular group of people such as travellers, students, etc. Example:- It is cheaper to book a place in a hostel than in a hotel when travelling to foreign places 

Passport:-Meaning:-It is an official document issued by a government to an individual to authenticate their identity and citizenship and enable them to travel overseas to other countries.  Example:-People without passports cannot travel to another country

One-Way Ticket:- Meaning:- It is a ticket that allows a person to travel from one place to another. The person cannot use the ticket to travel back to where they came from.  Example:- A one-way ticket is sometimes more expensive than a two-way ticket.

Return Ticket:- Meaning:- It is a ticket that someone can use to travel to a place and return to the original place. Example:-A return ticket from Poland to India costs around 1000 Euros.

First-class:- Meaning:- It is the highest standard and most expensive class of travel seats and service in a train, flight, ship or bus. Example:-Many people wish to buy first-class flight tickets but can’t afford them.

Business Class:- Meaning:- It is a travel class in airlines above economy class and premium class. It has upgraded services compared to the other two classes..  Example:-There are sections in an aircraft to separate business class travellers from economy class travellers.

Boarding Pass:- Meaning:- It is an official document issued by an airline to its passengers allowing them to board the airline for a flight.  Example:-Peter checked in for the flight to get his boarding pass

Departure Lounge:- Meaning:- It is a waiting room in an airport where the passengers wait before boarding their flight  Example:-Waiting at the departure lounge makes some people anxious.

Aisle Seat:- Meaning:- It is a seat that is either on or next to an aisle.  Example:-People in the aisle seat can walk out of their seats easier than people sitting beside the window seat.

Baggage:-Meaning:-A general term used to refer to suitcases and bags containing personal belongings and things that are usually used during travel.  Example:-People have to wait at the baggage terminal in airports to claim their bags.

Back Pack:- Meaning:- A bag that has shoulder straps and can be carried on one’s back.  Example:-Hikers usually use a backpack when they travel for ease of carrying their belongings.

Hand Luggage:- Meaning:- A small-sized suitcase or bag that can be carried by a passenger in an aeroplane Example:-Air traveller’s carry their laptops in their hand luggage

Travel Agent:- Meaning:-It is a person who sells or makes arrangements for transportation, accommodation and tours for people who are travelling.  Example:-Hiring a travel agent makes the job of putting together holiday plans easier

Food Vocabulary For IELTS

Overcooked:-Meaning:- Cooked beyond the optimal cooking time Example:- The pasta was overcooked and too soft

Fresh:- Meaning:- Food materials or products that have been recently prepared Example:-The marinara at that outlet is prepared fresh every day

Raw:- Meaning:- Not cooked properly/at all Example:-The vegetables were raw and hard to chew

Stale/Rotten:- Meaning:- Spoiled and past its optimal usage time Example:-The whole room smells like rotten eggs

Unripe:- Meaning:- Immature food item – not fit for consumption Example:-The bananas you bought yesterday were unripe

Off:- Meaning:-Not tasting as it should Example:-The food at last night’s restaurant seemed off to me

Tasteless:- Meaning:-Having no taste or flavour Example:-The food at that new restaurant is completely tasteless

Bake:- Meaning:-Cook food with dry heat and without exposure to a flame Example:- She has been a fan of baking ever since she got back from France

Grill:- Meaning:- Cooking food using a grill Example:-That place serves the best-grilled chicken in the city

Food Preparation:- Meaning:- Cooking food by mixing and combining ingredients Example:-The food preparation at her house was amazing

Fry:- Meaning:- Cooking food in hot oil or fat Example:-While frying, you should always look out for oil splatter

Pint:- Meaning:- A unit that is equal to 550 millilitres Example:-I grabbed a pint of milk on my way home

Portion:- Meaning:- A part or section of a whole Example:-I just want a small portion of the pie

Spoonful:- Meaning:- As much as a spoon can hold Example:- I take my coffee with two spoonfuls of sugar

Slice:- Meaning:-A small portion of a whole Example:-I am on a diet and had only one slice of the cake

Bland:- Meaning:- Tasteless or having little taste Example:-The food tasted bland without the spices

Spicy:- Meaning:- Flavoured with spices Example:-Indians have a taste for spicy food and snacks

Savoury:- Meaning:- Delicious Example:-She cooks amazing and savoury food.

Mild:- Meaning:- Not hot, sharp or strong in flavour Example:-Elderly people like to have food with mild spices and flavours

Delicious:- Meaning:- Extremely good tasting Example:-Cooking delicious food is an art

Poach:- Meaning:-Cooking an egg without its outer shell in or over boiling water Example:- I like my eggs poached and cooked well

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