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Building up your vocabulary is the first step towards taking the IELTS exam. Having a strong vocabulary will help you do well in the speaking and writing portions of the test. IDP develops the newest themes for its questions each year. One of the newest categories is advertisement, and this blog will assist you in expanding your vocabulary.

Many words in the vast array of vocabulary associated with this subject can be regarded as complex. You will have a better chance of showcasing your vocabulary and impressing the IELTS examiner if you use these words in the exam! You will go over some of the most significant IELTS Advertisement Vocabulary topics in this blog.

Advertisement IELTS Vocabulary

The vocabulary linked to advertising is listed below, which can help you improve the way you phrase your responses and receive a high IELTS band score.

Magazine Ads: publishing brief articles in a magazine to promote a specific product. These advertisements only target a specific demographic and are highly targeted. As an example, the fashion advertisements in Vogue magazines are among the most visually striking.

TV Commercials:Television commercials featuring short films. It is among the most effective kinds of marketing. For example, Rohan landed his first acting role in a TV ad for Apple.

Billboards: These are large billboards that are frequently erected to promote brands on highways or at stadiums. For example, just outside of Arizona, Sabreena noticed her favorite celebrity promoting her favorite smartphone on a billboard.

Radio Advertising: Radio listeners are the only segment of the target audience that is the focus of this kind of advertising.For example: In the modern world, radio advertising is practically nonexistent because people almost never connect their phones to their cars’ Bluetooth systems.

Email Advertising: Email advertising is the practice of directly marketing your goods or services to potential clients via email. It’s one of the most popular and economical forms of advertising available today. But, given that individuals receive more than 100 email advertisements daily, there’s a good chance your mailer will wind up in junk mail. As an example, Samsung developed a new feature for its Galaxy J8 smartphone and used email marketing to promote it to its clientele.

Classified Ads: These advertisements appear in print media. These days, they are hardly ever utilized to market goods and services. Example: Sumita’s family placed a matrimonial ad in the ABC Times classified ads because they wanted her to find a suitable groom.

Tantalising: Something that creates excitement by subtle teasing. Example: Advertisers go bold and make use of tantalising visuals to entice their consumers.

Jingle:the tunes that frequently accompany any advertisement. This might just be a melody or it could be a full-fledged song with lyrics. For example, four young advertisers from the Advanced School of Advertising discovered through a survey that consumers are more likely to purchase a product if they enjoy the commercial’s jingle.

Internet Pop-Ups: These small advertisements can often be spotted on many blogs and other social media platforms. Although attention-grabbing, they can sometimes annoy the customer. Example: Raj strongly expressed his dislike towards new-age advertising tools like internet pop-ups in the meeting.

Flyers: They are small leaflets printed and handed out to customers in person. Although very effective, they are costly and often difficult to execute. Example: Rita is working on making some flyers for informing people about the end-of-season sale in her store in the Central Market.

Cold Calling: Here, salespeople use door-to-door sales or telemarketing to connect with potential new clients. We refer to this type of advertising as cold calling. For example: Raman has made a name for himself in his office as the master of cold calling thanks to his impressive sales numbers.

Bombard: To persistently assault someone.For example, Smitha reported to the customer support network that she was inundated with sales calls all day long.

Brand Awareness: to familiarize a consumer with a brand, its merchandise, and its guiding principles. Example: Rather than trying to close a deal, almost all social media ads seek to raise brand awareness.

Product Placement: the introduction of a specific brand or product to the public through television or movies. As an example, many companies sponsor motion pictures with the aim of obtaining significant product placement that will increase brand recognition and consumer desire.

Buying Power: It speaks to a person’s ability to purchase goods with their money. As an example, the first stage in developing an advertising strategy is to ascertain the purchasing power of the target audience in order to produce advertisements that will resonate with them.

Business IELTS Vocabulary

Bargain Hunter: Someone who is always on the lookout for the best offers and discounts. For example, hundreds of bargain hunters lined up outside all of Zara’s Delhi stores as soon as the retailer announced its end-of-season sale.

Frugal: exercising fiscal prudence. For example, a wise man once advised being generous with your family but frugal with your money.

To make a profit: when your income exceeds the expense of something. For example, under the new law, businesses cannot profit more than three times their monthly expenses.

To raise a company profile: educating the public about the company and its operations. For instance, the whole marketing team of the recently established KBC Limited has been working extremely hard to increase the company’s visibility.

Exorbitant: when a product is excessively expensive. For example, when the auctioneer began the bidding at an outrageous sum, I was astounded.

Stingy: Someone unwilling to part with their cash. For example, Raman’s reputation as a frugal person was keeping him out of his friends’ plans for get-togethers.

Penny-pincher: Someone who manages their finances with great caution. For instance, because her family was not wealthy when she was growing up, Stacy is a frugal person.

Big spender: someone who is a habitual spender. For instance, a common scourge for many members of the Gen Z demographic appears to be excessive spending.

Burn a hole in one’s pocket: Someone who can’t manage their finances. For example, she can’t wait to spend her entire allowance on going out to parties as soon as she gets it, so it’s burning a hole in her pocket!

Balancing books: to refrain from spending more than one makes. For example, one of the many duties of a chartered accountant is bookkeeping balance.

To go bust: when a company must close as a result of failing. For instance, Martha launched a company that she was unable to prevent from failing after just three months due to the withdrawal of her investors.

Cash flow: The money that enters and leaves a business. For example, to keep the business afloat, it’s critical to maintain a positive cash flow.

Niche business: a company that only plans to sell to a specific small market segment. For example, a growing number of people are using niche businesses to increase their online profits.

Spendthrift: Someone infamous for being a careless spender. For example, Susan, a lovely but extravagant woman, needs to start setting money aside for her overseas higher education.

Culture Vocabulary for IELTS

Culture: a community’s or group of people’s way of life, including their shared culture, religion, cuisine, and music. India, for example, is a country rich in customs and culture.

Heritage: Something that is inherited or passed down through the generations For example, these monuments are a part of the history of the country.

Values: The principles and convictions of a person For example instance, he is a man of great moral character.

Stereotype:a broad notion or opinion regarding a specific race or group of people For example, blondes are frequently stereotyped as being unintelligent.

Prejudice: a negative, frequently stereotype-based opinion about a person or group that is held without knowing them personally. For example, he harbors prejudices against fast-food establishments.

Cultural Diversity : The distinctions among various cultures Example: Nations that have welcomed immigrants for a long time tend to have a high degree of cultural diversity.

Culture Shock: a state of uncertainty or disorientation brought on by being exposed to a foreign culture or way of life. Example: Culture shock is a common occurrence for foreign students.

Discrimination: Unfair treatment based on bias against an individual or a group For example, discriminating against someone based on their gender or cultural background is immoral.

Currency:The currency in a specific nation For example, the rupee is the currency of India.

Global:Around the globe For instance, cross-national global culture is a common occurrence these days.

Mythology:A historical tale that is both fictional and meaningful For example: He researches myths from Greece and Rome.

Culture diffusion: The transfer of culture between different parts of the world Migration, colonial conquest, and dominance have historically been the means of cultural diffusion and hybridization.

Globalisation: Localized phenomena gave rise to worldwide ones. Example: The globalization of the economy is the era in which we live.

Cultural norms: customary and anticipated actions or concepts. Example: The highest performing arts had several distinct cultural norms.

Fine art: works created by well-known or respected artists As an illustration, the benefits of this fine art are considerable. 

Cultural heritage: The inheritance of a group or society’s tangible and intangible heritage assets from previous generations For instance: The preservation of cultural heritage is crucial.

Linguistic: The adjective that means “pertaining to language” For instance, I want to learn a foreign language, so I’m searching for linguistics classes.

Civilisation: A highly developed society For example, farmers are the originators of prosperity and civilization.

Lingua franca: an intermediate language spoken by speakers of many different native tongues For example, English is widely used as a universal language.

Conformity : embracing local customs in order to blend in and adjust to the local way of life For example, the corporate culture requires a specific level of appearance conformity.

Multicultural: a collection of individuals with diverse customs and beliefs Example: Because of its long history of trade and tourism, Surat is a multicultural city.

Segregation: division of a population on the basis of race, religion, skin tone, etc. For example, they battled to stop public school segregation.

Folklore: Ancient legends and myths, typically passed down orally For example, the leprechaun in Irish folklore has large pieces of gold.

Ceremonies: Ritual-like, frequently involving those in positions of authority Example: Next week, the town’s veterans will be honored with a ceremony.

Cultural traditions: customs with significant cultural value Example: Honest examination of environmental realities is hindered by cultural traditions.

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